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NeuralMachine is a general pupose neural network modelling tool with the executable code generator. There are two versions of NeuralMachine - for MS-Windows and a Web-based version (runs in Internet Explorer across the Web).

NeuralMachine allows creation of artificial neural networks (ANNs) with one hidden layer. Two types of networks, namely Multilayer perceptron and Radial Basis Function networks are supported in this version. In the case of MLP network all neurons are of sigmoid-type, and the direct input-output link can be made as well. In the Radial Basis Network the mapping function is of Gaussian type for the hiden layer and linear for the output layer.

Some features of NeuralMachine:

  • support for both MLP and RBF
  • choice of parameters to optimize the training process
  • avoidance of local minima in MLP training
  • effective visualization features, including 3D, making it useful in education
  • clear interface leading you throught the modelling process
  • support for several data formats including ARFF
  • possibility to generate EXE code (20K) encapsulating the trained ANN

If you want to try NeuralMachine, go to downloads page.

More to read:

Brief NeuralMachine user's guide (pdf, 750K)

NeuralMachine screen dumps (~100K)

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You may also run the version of NeuralMachine - WebNeuralMachine across Internet in your browser window.